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Average between 180k - 280k impression per week

Honky Tonk Party Promotions

Honky Tonk Party Promotions is Nashville's most effective mobile advertising. We bring your message straight to the consumer's face by operate our karge format mobile adverisng in Nashville's most densely populated areas.

Using our mobile billboards , your message is placed in front of the customer at eye level so your message will not and can not be ignored.

Get your message out to millions of people quickly and effectively.

Service Area

Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee not only boasts one of the country’s fastest-growing populations in America but also hosts over 16.2 million visitors annually. Nashville is also centrally located within 600 miles of 50% of the entire U.S. population, making Nashville an easy, cheap option for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Nashville is now the new sports city of the South with an NFL, NHL, MLS teams, hosting a Grand Prix, and is home to the country's largest Country music festival.

  • Lower Broadway
  • Historic 2nd Avenue
  • SoBro (South Broadway)
  • The Gultch
  • Midtown
  • Music Row
  • Vanderbilt/West End
  • Edgehill Village
  • 12th South
  • Hillsboro Village
  • Nissan Stadium
  • Capital View
Display Size - 29' x 4'

The Original


Downtown Nashville's only rolling billboard

Average weekly run time per bus - 25 hrs

Total street impressions - 8.5M*

Geo-tracked by each bus

Take advantage of the Honky Tonk Party Express Nashville's official party bus that drives through the heart of downtown Nashville with guests onboard! Your brand will be seen and heard while letting guests bring attention to your message.

The Billboard


Full-coverage, Mobile Billboard

Average weekly run time per bus - 25 hrs

Total street impressions - 8.5M*

Geo-tracked by each bus

The Billboard Bus brings a life-sized billboard to the streets, at eye-level in front of millions of people a year. You message will not be ignored with this monster billboard moving in the streets.

Display Size - 29' x 8'
Display Size - 18.6' x 6'

The Shuttle


Extended Advertising Coverage

Accommodates a variety of campaigns

Frequent operational tours and service

Geo-tracked by each shuttle

The Honky Tonk Party Shuttle moves guests all throughout Nashville and beyond, getting your message literally in front of the entire city of Nashville.

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